About Us

China Jiangsu Chengcheng Tempered Glass Factory,situated in Haian County,Jiangsu Province of China.It is only a professional manufacturer of Tempered Glass that is engaged lengthy products of finish machining in northern Jiangsu area.

The products widely use in lamps and lanterns,machines, instrument and meter, printing and dyeing, medical treatment, shipping, chemistry industry pressure vessel and so on.We can process various shapes,for example: rotundity, squareness, abnormity,and we can process the round which the least diameter is 5mm (Φ5mm).

The mainly products are Tempered Glass, Tempered Glass For Lamps, Instrument glass, Arc Tempered Glass, Water gauge glass, Silk-screen glass, Stained glass, special Tempered Glass,and Material Temper (for example:Optical glass, Die-casting glass).

Our products are formed a complete set and used by much enterprises of our country.Some products have been exported to Europe, the US, Southeast Asia. Mainly employees of our factory effusively welcome the presence of old and new customers with sincere zealousness and high grade products.