silk printing glass

Silk ScreeningSilk-screened glass is fabricated by transferring images or designs to a glass surface. Paint is applied to the glass through a fine mesh screen containing a specified design.

High-precision printing techniques such as silk screening are among EuropTec’s strengths and specialties. Our clean room environment and experience ensures color sharpness and accurate printing. Whether the product requires two-component, UV-hardened, annealed ceramic, or electrically conductive colors, we are extremely accurate in color trueness and dimensional tolerance.

EuropTec places as much emphasis on practical aspects as on optics. We provide our customers with a wide range of options to customize their glass design by using both standard and custom solid and screened patterns and colors. When it comes to scratch resistance, chemical resistance, color brilliance or light and temperature resistance, you can be sure we will find the right solution.

Common applications include glass display filter decoration, conductive buss bars for grounding, and conductive trace printing for connecting electronics right to the glass filter. Printing precision is of great importance to the functionality and esthetics of glass display filters.

EuropTec utilizes the following types of inks for printing:

•Ceramic paints
•Two component paints
•UV paints

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